CareGrove Payment Solutions

It's also been proven that companies who offer online payments will end up increasing their revenue. Technology changes quickly, which means more and more people are transitioning payments from checks and cash to credit cards. Which means, not only will this help your community stay engaged with current technologies it will increase revenue year over year.

For many long term care communities offering payments online is a paradigm shift. We are here to tell you that you won't regret it. Statistics show those who pay through recurring payments are significantly more likely to pay on time and reduce bad debt. Giving all parties peace of mind and keeping focus on their most critical service - caring for their residents.

Simple to use and easily integrated.

A clear and concise dashboard with an easy to use interface that makes invoicing and payment processing easy.

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Create an invoice at the click of the mouse.

Fast and easy. Billing and invoicing customized with all services.

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Never fall behind with recurring payments.

Review invoices quickly and easily with recurring payments.

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