Our history

A long time in secure payment processing…


We have been in payment processing for over a decade. It's always been our obsession to make life easier for our clients and partners. For the past ten years we have specifically focused on providing merchant services for non-profits. Our company served over 7,000 non-profits and processed two billion dollars annually across the United States and Canada. Helping each of them to streamline payments and in turn increase revenue.  We've had a consistent history of serving our clients at the highest level and providing solutions that make a tangible difference.


In light of that we took all of our passion and experience and expanded from non-profits to specifically helping long term care communities. Each of us at CareGrove has had or has relatives who lived in long term care communities. It is near and dear to our hearts to provide end to end solutions to make it easier for everyone involved. 

We believe with our history, innovation , and technology we are positioned to help you make the process more simple and effective for all your guests.