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Online payments

We provide residents and their families more ways to pay which opens up new opportunities and new benefits for Long-Term Care providers

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We can mitigate costs to the facilities and pass on fees to the card holder that they will be glad to absorb.

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Online payments is easier than you think! It has the power to transform the way you accept payments now and forever.



Changing the way payments are accepted. forever. 


What if you could curb bad debt, receive payments quicker and easier, enhance employee productivity, and make life easier for your guests? That’s the CareGrove way. 


There has to be a better way.


The world we live in is driven by having the choice and freedom to pay how you want and when you want for what you want. Our company exists to bring that same technology and freedom to long term care facilities, 

Healthcare reform will become a more pertinent topic as the government faces steeper budget deficits. Medicare and medicaid reimbursement for seniors care is expected to suffer, which may deter many individuals from entering retirement communities...


of Payments come from online or mobile devices 


of Payments will be made through credit cards or prepaid cards



of U.S. Seniors believe using credit cards or debit cards are the most effective ways to make purchases

26 billion

annually is How much it cost to process paper checks in 2010 alone


We help expand your ability to help more people. 


1. Start accepting payments in less than a week

2. Begin on boarding guests immediately 

3. Make life easier and more efficient for everyone

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The fixed costs of processing checks and fees will continue to increase for property managers, driven by higher unit costs that the banks will charge for processing less check in order to protect margins... Paper checks aren’t just old-fashioned, they’re expensive.
— MasterCard

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There is a bright future ahead of you. 

For long-term care providers interested in finding efficiencies, growing profits, and increasing customer satisfaction, Visa is a viable, reliable, and secure payment option
— Visa


benefits for guests and responsible parties:

  • Payment freedom: Allow guests and responsible parties to pay for rent and ancillary fees the way the want to. Just like they do in every other area of payments and bills.

  • Perks for payments: Allow guests and responsible parties to amass rewards such as cash-back or travel incentives.

  • Recurring payments: Guests and response parties can setup recurring payments. which means they can have the peace of mind that every month their payments will be made

  • Multi-Pay: Allows multiple people to pay for their loved ones care. You can split payments between unlimited people to reduce the burden for payment.


Benefits for your facility: 

  • Improve cash flow: You'll be able to see in real time who has paid, who hasn't, and how much revenue will be coming in.

  • Save time: Saves time on collection, reconciliation, and deposits.

  • Safety and peace of mind: Reduces security threats. Forget about people stealing checks or cash.

  • Future thinking: Massive appeal towards millennials, who are a growing segment of your customer base.

  • Increase revenue: Save money and develop a new stream for revenue.

  • Curb bad debt: Curb or nearly eliminate bad-debt from your facility. Unfortunately when a resident passes, the long term care facility may be left with unpaid bills that the family doesn't pay. By accepting online payments it will deter delinquent accounts.


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